Unlock the ancient world Where Ancient art meets modern technology.

A unique platform for nft collectors and nft enthusiasts, you can collect and exchange your nft on this awesome marketplace.

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Antiqua will provide a marketplace where anyone can acquire, trade and exchange NFTs In a safe, secure and transparent way. The marketplace will be powered by the antiqua token (ANTQ) which will be used as a mean of payement within the marketplace

Our goal is to create an advanced nft marketplace that allows users to safely buy and sell non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in a truly trustless setting


Our Vision

An easy-to-understand overview of the important events our projects will achieve.

Art is everywhere and always has been. It lines the walls of museums, buildings, and caves. It fills our halls and ears with sound and music. It captures the eye with beautiful movement and imagery. Art doesn’t just express our passions and history; it defines, influences, and shapes culture and civilization.

The ancient world left an important legacy in the form of art. As it was a primary method for communicating information. The use of painting, drawing, sculpting and other forms of artistic expression were important not only for recording events but also used to depict cultures, values and beliefs.

We wish to share with you our love for ancient history through unique NFTs that are inspired by different historical eras, and that you can buy, sell and exchange with different users on our ANTIQUA marketplace.


To maintain the long-term value of $ANTQ token, we have a deflationary plan to take out tiny bits of the 100 Trillion $ANTQ token supply trought buybacks and burnout.

Buy/Sell slippage 14% distribued into :


That outlines the directions our project will take to achieve successful long-term strategic goals. roadmap

Phase I

  • Conceptualizing and brainstorming Ideas

  • Release of Whitepaper

  • Constructing Website and Social Media

  • Designing Firsts ancient civilization collections of NFT’s

  • Starting the first wave of marketing

Phase II

  • Start building the marketplace

  • Smart Contract Development

  • Interfi Audit

  • Launch the demo version of the Marketplace

  • Second marketing wave

Phase III

  • List Fairlaunch on Pinksale

  • Massive marketing wave

  • Launch on Pancakeswap

  • Listing $ANTQ on coinmarketcap and coingecko

  • Mint phase of the 3 Antiqua NFT collections

  • List three first Antiqua collection on biggest NFT platforms

Phase IV

  • Long term parternship with worldwide known influencers.

  • Deployment of the full functional marketplace version.

  • Inviting the bigest bsc Nft project to join Antiqua marketplace

  • Collaboration with famous successful project on the NFT Ecosystem.


The only NFT marketplace that lets you exchange, buy and sell with other users: Antiqua's marketplace is different than other marketplaces. The current Beta version allows you to place bids on the auction house, purchase NFTs with ANTQ tokens or sell your digital items to maximize your profits. All future features will be implemented to help the users make their experience a valuable one.


Here's some frequently asked questions from the community. Which will help you to understand simply. For more you can contact us.

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